PROSPECTA describes investments in eco-cities
PROSPECTA took part in a round-table at the Ecotech-2017 international exhibition and forum
Olga Fazullina, co-founder and senior partner of PROSPECTA, took part in a forum discussion on December 12 with the theme 'Eco-cities as the key trend in modern urbanistics'. Speakers looked at main aspects of life in a modern city and discussed issues of urban ecology.

Eco-cities can both enhance the quality of urban living and reduce negative impact on the natural environment.

Olga Fazullina presented a calculation of additional investments in green landscaping, based on a financial model prepared for Golovinsky District in Moscow.

The research was carried out by PROSPECTA consultants in association with the landscape architects, Ilya Mochalov and Partners, and Asadov Architects Bureau for a competition to work on housing renewal programs in the Russian capital.

Olga Fazullina pointed out that the roofs of urban buildings offer vast areas that can potentially be made into green locations. PROSPECTA specialists also analyzed the need for more investment in advanced natural ecosystems within the urban environment. Build density in the district, which affects returns on investment, was taken into account.

'Together with our partners we designated potential green areas and calculated roof surface areas that are suitable for planting and eco-system creation. About 720,000 sq m on the ground and about 50,000 sq m on the tops of buildings were found to be suitable,' Olga Fazullina said.

She also noted that the green landscaping would cost about 6.5 bln RUB (total planned investments for renewal in Golovinsky District are 100 bln RUB, based on build density of 23,000 sq m). 'A higher level of investments would reduce project NPV from 4.1 bln to 2.4 bln RUB', Fazullina said.

The research showed the need for additional analysis of investment returns, particularly for districts with low housing prices, since classic financial models cannot take account of positive impact from advanced ecosystems on ecology and, therefore, on human health. These factors together could reduce spending on healthcare in the long term.

The Ecotech-2017 international exhibition and forum was organized by the Russian Ministry for Natural Resources and the Environment. PROSPECTA took part in the forum section led by the National Agency for Sustainable Development. The Head of Staff of the Russian President, Sergey Ivanov, Governor of Moscow Region, Andrey Vorobyov, and Natural Resources and Environment Minister, Sergey Donskoy, also took part. The forum was divided into 29 discussion sections and included the final session of the Russian Congress for Protection of the Natural Environment.

December 22, 2017
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