Full-cycle services
Advantages of full cycle include quality control at all stages, assessment and minimization of risks, strict financial control and due diligence for property owners. Processes at each stage vary between real estate segments.
Investment analysis at early stages gives assurance that the project is feasible. Work in multidisciplinary teams is the most effective
An efficient concept and detailed financial model are crucial
We focus on financial control and full implementation of all parts of the concept
Our experts can help to increase operating efficiency of assets and gauge their potential
Errors at the concept stage cam undermine business profitability. We avoid errors at this stage by analyzing consumer requirements in detail and taking account of best practice of key market players.
Market research
The goal is to identify and analyze key factors that will determine demand for the project
Hiring experts
Years of work in advisory services have made us part of a community of professionals ready to help your business
Review of architectural concepts
Understanding functionality and characteristics of buildings at an early stage helps us to build a financial model.
Financial model
The financial model is the heart of a project. It gives answers to questions about operational and financial risks. We can ensure that even highly complex models are flexible and easy to create and check. Our models contain exact and confirmed data.
Project economics
A financial model consists of eight sections with over 100 parameters that influence project KPIs
Scenario analysis
We calculate dozens of scenarios to find the optimal project concept
Checking the model
Our models have a simple module structure, which makes them easy to check and alter
Legal support
Consultants in our team are qualified to work with legal documents prepared under Russian, English, American and Canadian law.
Working with partners
It is crucial when entering into any business relationship to establish a transparent procedure, avoid ambiguity in terms and minimize the likelihood of litigation.
M&A market
We provide a full range of M&A services from legal due diligence and design of transaction structure to negotiation of final contracts.